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"The Church of North India as a United and Uniting together is committed to announce the Good News of the reign of God inaugurated through death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in proclamation and to demonstrate in actions to restore the integrity of God's creation through continuous... Read more

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Well we never made it to the post office....

So Aries woke up not feeling so good this morning. I thought it was going to be one of those get sick a few times, sleep it off, and he get better. I was wrong. I was one traffic light away from the post office when I got a text saying that Aries was vomiting up a blue liquid. So I went straight home and switched him and Orion out and took him to the children's urgent care by our house. When I got him in the car he started throwing up a bright green, almost like slime. They tried Zofran twice and he could not keep it down. Currently the color has faded to that yellow bile color. And we are headed to the main campus emergency room. yellow cocktail dresses