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wedding selections under 1000

Last year in spring of 2016 I started having the same dream. Me outside of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in a splendiferous wedding dress on the lawn catacorner to the Washington Monument. At the huge sign to the museum I was the LORD. There was no one there but me and Him. About a month later, during the summer, my church, VCMI, started a churchwide marriage ministry and the word coming each day was about the ideals of marriage. While I already considered myself married (in agreement) with The LORD, I thought this was the perfect time to recommit myself with the prophetic act I had seen my dream. I bought the dress from the thrift store. I planned it for my birthday on Hallelujah night. I had my scripture from the last 3 months of continuous marriage ministry (Sunday and Wednesday). No one would know but me and The LORD, why I was dressed this way. But it wasn't the right time. I needed the true meaning of the word from my dream. wedding selections under 1000

Recently I went to North Carolina in the Black Mountains for an honors project. We touched upon many subjects, including slavery and Christianity. A firestorm in the community of African American's has been taking place. Was Christianity used to subdue enslaved Africans??? Maybe that was the intent, but the truth is more complex.
Does anyone recall Moses' marriage to the Cushite woman???
Moses, God's first recorded Prophet and mouthpiece, chose as his first bride a woman from (what is now known as) Ethiopia, a country in Africa.

Our marriage to God can be traced back to his prophet Moses. We were in essence, the first lady of the church.

My dream comes back to me now. Me in my wedding gown, ready to recommit myself marriage to The LORD outside of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I finally know what it means. It's time to reconcile our TRUE past with our present. The LORD was the first to defend our rightful place by his side.