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Hi everyone, my name is Kristen and I have known there was something wrong with me, my pain tolerance, sensitivities, and nerves. I thought it was just part of arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. But one day I went to see my rheumatologist complaining of increased pain in my back and neck and he did a test and he said you also have fibro. I asked him questions and he prescribed Lyrica. Very low dose I think 100mg 2x a day. I went on working and my usual things and then I ended up with double carpal tunnel and got an injection which has helped alot with that. Shortly after I started getting pain in one shoulder and thought ok arthritus or I pulled a muscle. Nope. The other arm started with tingling from shoulder to hand. Again to Dr. Was sent to physical therapy. Did that for maybe 6-8 weeks. But no improvement and my lower back started to now they are sending me to a different PT clinic for people with multiple pain sites. Its attached to a pain clinic. And has access to a pool for aqua therapy. Still waiting to get in. I started to do more research on my pain and came to realize all of this is fibro! I do have arthritis in multiple joints, a lot of pain from it in my hands and back,neck,feet. But all the nerve twitching, high sensitivity to pain, light, sound, fibro! So great now I have a clue why I have had such issues with aches and pains tracing back to when I was about 14,15yrs old. I was an active person, not overweight and had chronic leg aches that would keep me up. I am beyond happy to have found this group. I had no idea there was a group on fb for fibro! Awesome! I apologize for this extremely long post, hope not to bore anyone. I just wanted to explain my process. I had gastric bypass surgery back in 2009, and therefore pain meds are scarce that I can take. My aprn increased the lyrica to 150mg x a day to slowly move it up to full dosage. Its not doing much. Does anyone here ta ke Lyrica? Has it helped you at all? I noticed that if I do not take my night dose, I have insomnia! Anyone else? Thank you all, I really need someone to talk to who doesnt mind my complaints and can offer advice and support. I in return will do the same. wedding dresses in peach color