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wearing suitable for the wedding of the tall bride

For the first time in a while, I had to wake up with Zeke and rock him back to sleep. Lauren , aka supermom, has taken on the majority of night duties with my busy work schedule. But as I rocked Zeke, it gave me a moment of clarity. He seemed as if he was going to be wide awake as cries turned into smiles and giggles but just as babies do, he began to fade. Whenever he is about to fall asleep in my arms, he always reaches up and grabs a handful of my beard. It used to be a hard yank, as if to say, "you better stay put", but now it's seems as if it's comforting to him knowing who's still holding him in their arms. There are two things that touched my heart in this moment of clarity.

One, is that today we will dedicate Ezekiel to God. Until you have children, you really never truly understand the meaning of this. It is our opportunity as parents to return one of the greatest blessings ever bestowed on us. It shows our thankfulness and willingness to place our child into the hands of Jesus because we will not always be able to rock Zeke in our arms. As Zeke touched my beard in the early hours of the morning, I could only pray that I do my job as a parent and Christian to help him know the Jesus that I have come to know and love. I pray that I raise my boys to know, when they've grown, that they can still rest their head on the shoulder of the great Comforter. I pray that they know Jesus so well that they know how to feel His presence when He holds them in His arms. wearing suitable for the wedding of the tall bride

Second, I truly believe that the only reason I am blessed to have the life I live is that I am sincerely thankful for everything the Lord has done in my life. As I sat there this morning, an overwhelming sensation of thankfulness and somewhat disbelief came over me. Sometimes, I sit and wonder why the Lord chooses to overlook my flaws and short comings because I know better than anyone that I do not deserve His blessing. If God gave me what I deserved, it definitely would not be this moment right here. As I get older and I like to think wiser, my soul understands more and more the words of Paul,

"This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief."

No matter, how "good" I think I am or how "far" I have come, the only thing that matters is that I am still a sinner in need of His everlasting mercy and grace. No accomplishment on earth will make me worth anymore than any other person in the eyes of Jesus. I pray that I am able to lead my boys into understanding the absolute importance of humility and thankfulness in a world that wants nothing to do with either.