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Prayers for our sweet Emerson! Yesterday she was having severe attacks of pain in her chest and the ER ran all kind of chest xrays, EKG's and even a heart monitor, with all clear results. Then with an occasional pain toward her right side they did an ultra sound of her appendix & cleared that too. They sent her home with only the explanation of "stool in her bowels" and possibly constipated even though Natalie told them she had been going regularly!! vintage style mother of the bride dresses
After 3 more episodes la ... st night, a normal bowel movement and 2 severe attacks during the night, she was back at the pediatrician this morning. She doesn't generally feel bad and the attacks are so sudden they almost startle her when they hit because they come on so fast, so they are sending her up the Egleston to be checked out by them!!!!
Natalie said she was already so brave yesterday with her IV and all the tests but bless the baby's heart to have to go back and do it all over again!!!

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