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vintage boho wedding dress

A guy asks, "Why are Indian girls crazy about wearing tight jeans?"
A girl's answer, (Why are Indian guys crazy about such stupid questions?)
"Okay, you want me to explain why?
Here's the deal if we do not wear jeans:
1. Skirts/Shorts: Yes, we'd love to wear them considering how hot it gets in cities like Delhi and Mumbai but would guys stop glaring at us lecherously if we wore them? ...
I think not.
And God forbid,
if someone tries to tease a girl wearing a skirt or shorts and she goes to a cop to complain.
Here's what she'll hear: "Look at the way you're dressed.
You asked for it."
One down.
2. Salwaar Kameez: They have no pockets so we have to carry money in purses.
We don't really like that,
you know.
Also the dupatta which is supposed to 'protect' us is not only a major nuisance but also a cause for concern if you've read about the accidents caused by dupattas getting stuck in scooters or metro doors. vintage boho wedding dress
Plus they are one time wear.
And then they need to be washed.
Really, people don't want to wear a three piece elaborate dress for a few hours and then spend their day washing it.
Then letting it dry.
Then ironing it.
That sucks.
3. Sarees: Yes I am sure you are in love with beautiful sarees and expect us to be bhartiya naaris but no matter what you see in Indian Television Serials where a girl wears saarees all day,
and even sleeps in a heavily embroidered piece,
it is really hard to carry a saree and wear one.
It's uncomfortable for daily work,
sometimes unnecessary and to be honest,
makes going to the bathroom a task in itself.
4. Lehngas: Sorry but I'm not getting married at my workplace/college.
If you haven't already gotten my point,
jeans are a piece of clothing that is comparatively cheap,
low maintenance,
can be worn with a wide variety of shirts to create new looks and flatters us and guess what?
It is approved majorly by our society.
And well,
if nothing works,
we wear them because we like them!
End of story."

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