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Incidental finding on a 2-year-old, spayed female, Bengal cat, who was presented to the University of Florida's Small Animal Hospital for a left fore limb fracture (possible hit by car incident). The cat was otherwise healthy, eating and drinking normally, and having normal defecation and urination. She was also up to date on vaccines and flea prevention.

On a urine sediment wet-mount review, several parasite ova were observed. These were football-shaped with slightly asymme ... tric bipolar plugs, and a moderately thick clear wall with a granular internal structure, morphologically consistent with Pearsonema spp.

Pearsonema spp (formerly Capillaria spp) may infect the urinary bladder and, occasionally, the ureters and renal pelvises of dogs, cats, foxes, wolves, and probably other canids. Most animals are asymptomatic, although some show signs of pollakiuria, urinary incontinence, stranguria, hematuria, among others. Reported treatments include several anthelmintic agents, and the parasitic infection may be self-limiting in the absence of reinfection. tiffany blue styled items to wear for a prom

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