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60 capsules
On hand

Animate Aloe Vera facial Oil is a beautiful enriching vitamin E oil with Aloe Vera. This is specially formulated for normal to dry skin for diminishing the appearance of age lines caused by the sun and the skins natural aging. When used daily this product will help your skin feel silky smooth and healthy all over. tea length wedding dresses for older brides

How to use it: Snip the lip off one capsule. Apply to face,throat and bodyin the morning and at bed time.If you use it everyday, this product will help your skin appear smoothly and healthy all the time
Discountinue usage if irritation occur. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Ingredients: Vitamin E. Aleo Vera. Gelatin. Glycerin. Purified and De-lonized water, Flamenco Satino Powder. Jasmine Fragrance. Soybean Oil, FD&CRed.