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spaghetti evening gowns

I think the universe just rewarded me for being virtuous and getting off my butt to plog down the road this morning. I found a whole $1.00 lying on the sidewalk. Honestly....I think my effort was worth a lot more then that but $1.00 is a $1.00 and one should not quibble about the rewards one is given.
I'll have to thank Julie McIntyre and the wonderful Sandy for an excellent party Saturday nite because I think Maxine is still basking in the glow of all that good food and drink. There was minimal grousing when we hobbled out of bed this morning and lugged all our stuff out to the car which was parked way, way down the block. There were just a few expletives when we nearly ran over the guy dressed all in black crossing the University off ramp. I don't even mean the sidewalk but the actual off ramp. I think he was heading to his campsite. Then there was the guy squatting in the tall grass next to the off ramp fence. I'm trying not to think about what he was doing there.
It's a good thing Maxine was in a good mood today which is pretty rare. As we made our way around the Friendship Garden at the East West Center, discovered a young polynesian man sound asleep on the garden sidewalk right in front of Hale Manoa. The desk clerk was calling security to come and get him. Apparently the young man sleeping peacefully on the sidewalk had spent his Sunday evening drinking and this is where he ended up. Good thing he didn't need to drive anywhere. I will say that since I am now one of those crabby old ladies much like Maxine, if he were my son, he'd get a swift kick in the butt for being stupid enough to get so drunk he ended up sleeping on the sidewalk. This was after being so relieved that he hadn't managed to kill himself by getting so drunk. spaghetti evening gowns