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red formal gowns

If Allaudin Khilji was an untameable soul, Maharawal Ratan Singh was the poised yet blatant one but both had an ardent fire in them.
Definitely the Khilji approved to be the most challenging role but without the utter peace yet Rajputana valour of Ratan Singh, Khilji's ruthlessness would have been left without a meaning.
The magic of Bhansali's cinematography took to another level with the bone-chilling Jauhar sequence.
The exquisite red dresses with intricate gold jewellery. The utter calm observed in the sequence which highlighted the fire in the eyes of women, only the Bhansali could do it.

Yet I would label the movie as an attempt to glorify Rajput, a stamp on their valour and an attempt to justify the existence of jauhar.
If the pro-rajput protest would not have taken place we would have been privileged enough to criticize it to glorify Jauhar, an anti-women practice.
But now when the fight was about freedom of expression in the industry, this movie has surely stood by the Rajput belief ' even if the head shall be severed, the arms of the rajput shall not stop brandishing the sword '. red formal gowns