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Do you get red bumps right after waxing?

This is a very common reaction, caused by removing hair from its follicles and generally lasts a day or so with good post wax care.

Livestrong agrees. Here is what they say: ...
Post-waxing bumps are usually due to a short-term reaction of the hair follicles, though it may also be due to other causes [especially if the redness persists for several days; if so see your doctor]

Each hair is attached to living tissue within the hair follicle beneath the skin surface. When you remove hair with waxing, the tissue within the follicle is traumatized when the hair is pulled out. As with any type of skin injury, the body respond with an inflammatory reaction. So the pinkish bumps you see after waxing are simply your hair follicles responding to the minor trauma of having the hairs pulled out. This short-term irritation typically appears almost immediately after waxing and usually goes away within a day or two. (Livestrong) red bridesmaid dresses long

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