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purple evening gowns

Finding me
episode 2
I remember when I got admission into the university and I made a vow never to date any guy in school.
I had just been sixteen at that time.
I hated the course I was studying because that wasn’t what I wanted.
I hated the school I was in because I had so many monitoring spirits watching me (reason why my mum had made me go there. Her cousin worked there too)
Well asides from that, in my 100lvl my cousins wanted to open me to the world.
I remember one of them telling me this,
“Na me go find person wey go disvirgin her”
And in my head I was like. See you. You don’t even know.
I had my own plans. I wasn’t ready to be disvirgined. It frightened me to the bones.
My first night out was with them. I remember wearing a very short leather hugging dress that was barely covering my bum to the club.
It was my first time to drink and I failed drastically at it.
I couldn’t remember a thing that happened that night.
The next morning I was told about how I couldn’t walk on a straight line and how I spoke until the next morning.
I knew my limit that day and I made sure never to exceed that limit.
In my 200lvl I moved into the hostel because of a rape incident that happened in my cousins house in 100lvl.
I felt I was safe already. Well, I was.
I made the most amazing friends while on campus.
They were smart and fun to be with. Unlike the friends I made in my first year.
It was in my 200lvl that I finally broke my promise not to date any tom d--k or harry from my school.
Well, I was tired of being insulted by my department boys.
Because I wasn’t dating any of them made me a lesbian(so they said). *rolls eyes*
My love for abs and pacs is legendary, so why would I want to go for anything less?
Well I finally started seeing a guy in my school. I told him that there would be no s-x in the relationship. Lol.
I guess that was what scared him away.
We lasted for just one month before he came with the excuse of emotional trauma.
Trauma ni, trauma kor.
He had seen mumu. I knew why he came up with the excuse. He wasn’t getting sh!t from me.
Too bad that at a point, I thought I had liked him.
After we broke up, I dedicated all my time in church.
I became a worker in church and then afterwards the sister’s coordinator.
I had a triangle lifestyle at that point in my life. From hostel to church and then to class.
I was single for a long while though.
I remember having a massive crush on this guy called Israel. We were friends but we couldn’t date because he was a leader.
I remember going to his house once and we kissed. Lol
It was my first real kiss and I had thought that it was divine. So basically, I had my first kiss when I was ninteen.
Well I actually thought I was going to be single forever.
I remember a girl telling me that she had a dream about me on how I got married to an old man.
For a moment I got scared. Most men who came unto me were older men.
I remember a man following me home, wanting me to enter his car so we could talk. I ran home that day. You won’t blame me. I had just been sixteen.
Or Ali the Lebanese guy with the perverted tongue.
Or the married man (who was hiding that he was) who always drove down to my school to see me, begging me to come to his place.
Or the lecturers who wanted me to be their special friend.
Or my mum’s friend, uncle Phil who tried kissing me.
Or the Matured Engineer who came to Bayelsa for a contract, begging me to spend a weekend with him, promising to give me heaven and earth.
The list went on and on. And for a moment I got scared that it was going to come to pass.
At age 21 I was still a virgin and my love for s-x stories grew stronger.
The harlequin novels I started with was no longer enough for me.
I needed something stronger and more detailed. And that was when I discovered Marian Tee.
Her books were mainly about virgins and they were hot hot hot.
I couldn’t get enough of them. I downloaded all her ebooks and read them all.
One would think that at the age of 21 I would have been thinking of getting disvirgined. But no, I wasn’t ready for that yet.
I remember when I saw my call up letter. I was so angry because it hadn’t been the state I wanted.
But I was going to camp with one aim, to mix up.
And I did.
I met so many people, spoke with a lot of guys but I was never out late at mami market after parade.
I remember seeing all kinds of funny and weird people. Lol.
I remember seeing a guy that I crushed on from afar. Trust me when I say it was really bad considering the fact I never spoke to him. Lol.
I remember meeting my ex boyfriend who had the emotional trauma. Come to think that he was all over me in camp and I wasn’t even giving him the time of the day. purple evening gowns
I remember meeting my recent ex boyfriend in camp.
Believe me when I say I hadn’t planned to date him.
He had a leg issue and he was being punished by a soldier.
I felt sorry for him because I could see the pain written all over his face. I tried to reach out to him after parade but I stopped.
I remember going to the hall to take my alawee when I saw him again.
This time I asked him about his leg and he said he was better.
The next day he came to talk to me but I was friendly and distant.
I remember him being on my case and me not paying so much attention.
I really can’t remember how we started dating but it just happened.
I loved him at a point reason why I was blinded by so many things.
No denial. He was a great guy but that wasn’t enough to keep the relationship.
He was always thinking of his self first not caring what I thought.
I felt he wanted so much more than he was getting from me.