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prom garments in white color

if you suffer from acne and also super dry skin or if you have a really strong acne face wash that leaves u dry i have a facemask that is perfect for you!

first facemask: this ones for acne , blackheads, alllaaa dat bs , add 2 tbsp of baking soda and 1 of honey , leave it on for 20 minutes and scrub it off! will leave your skin so much cleaner, acne diminished, and the honey leaves a nice glow!

2nd facemask: for my super dry skin girls!! put a bit of olive oil in a bowl and warm it up, then get a banana and mash it up and mix it in , let this sit for 25 minutes then rinse off w warm water!

always remember to drink 2 liters of water everyday! you will see such a huge difference in your skin once you do, also always remember to wash your face w warm or hot water and AFTER go over it with cold water! the hot water will open up your pores to really let your products clean them out and the cold will close them back up so no extra dirt and what not get in them! prom garments in white color

hope this was helpful for u girls or guys who worry about your skin:)