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plus size black wedding dress

I'm not sure if this sort of discussion is allowed, but I'd like some advice...

My husband and I are considering leaving a wedding venue because the owner only wants to pay his photographer(s) $25/hour (no more than two hours per event), won't allow us to see the bride/groom until the ceremony begins, and refuses to pay for editing time for the photos (but he expects them to be edited/on his desk within 72 hours). We'll get a call two days before a wedding, be expected to be there, and we don't get to meet the couple at all until after the ceremony ends.

For example, the last wedding we did (aside from the fact we were told the wrong start time for the event), my husband was shooting the bridal party entrances, and he didn't realize the older woman in a darker tan dress was the bride (he thought it was the mother of the bride because of the age, dress, and she entered with someone we knew was a groomsman), so he stood there waiting for a bride for a good thirty seconds before I realized what was happening and got his attention. We had asked the event coordinator at this venue before the event if there was anything we needed to know, or if we could meet the bride beforehand, and were just told "no." (Personally, even if we can't meet the bride, I think it'd be wise to mention she's over 50 and won't be in white or cream.) plus size black wedding dress

My question is... What would anyone else do in this situation? Would anyone else try to talk to the owner (again - we have twice now, met with "What's in it for me?" when we voice concerns), or would you just leave?