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pink color wears for cocktail party

Hoy es domingo seis de augusto! Morning and I'm ready to seize the day! Feed me Mom! Thanks! Mom eats and then gets going! Bathroom dressed, checks cell phone, then much to my surprise green wellies! We are going to wild life management area! I am so excited and even more so when the bell collar goes on me!

Out the door into the truck down the hill and on down to WLMA! I leap out of the truck, good thing Mom wasn't in the way! Sniff pee, run under the big orange gate and down the path through the field down through the joe pye weed across the brook which is rather full! Got my belly rinsed while crossing. Mom settles down in her pink chair. I continue on into my hunting area! Boy of boy do I ever search, explore, hunt! The weather is perfect today!

Whew! Time to head back to the truck and parking area. It's 4pm and we came down at 11:30am! I am so lucky to be able to have such nice long time to hunt and search for amazing critters! Come on Mom give me my treats and lets head home! I need to rest awhile before you feed me my supper. I take a nice nap and then supper is served! It's good and yummy! Mom eats hers and then I get to lick the plate and Mom left me a couple of pieces of brats! Yummy! Time to head to the big bed it is calling my name! Whew! gas bubble! Killed all creepy crawly things with that one! I think it made Moms eyes water! Good Mom Laurel! Good Mom! pink color wears for cocktail party