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non white wedding dresses

PEOPLE LISTEN!! I have a couple important things you need to know.

A-If you bring your unimportant opinion to my attention don't play Facebook Gangster then block me!!! TF?? Not only does it make you look stupid AF, it's annoying.

B- If you're a male and something I say bothers/upsets your cry baby ass, for the love God take your balls outcha girls purse and be a MAN and come to me directly. Don't send your chick that knows nothing about me to come at me. I will make BOTH of you look stupid. Promise.
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I haven't popped off on anyone since Jonathan's dumbass went back to jail... Until yesterday.
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If you saw me pop off yesterday and thought oh Jesus here she goes... Here's what happened!!
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Who misses story time with Amanda?
The wait is over!!!

I do believe she blocked me. LOL. I mean I have literally known this man since I was in diapers so if I wanna clown on him I will!! she acting all like I'ma hit on him or some shit!!! I'm like no ... I simply said it was weird that he married a bitch to start with. Because A- he said he would never get married. & B not only did he marry a bitch, he went out and found a weirdo that wears a black dress with a white top. Yet, there used to be a chick in the neighborhood that was always wearing black... Like a gothic chick and he would always talk shit. So sorry if I found it ironic he married a chick that looks ALOT like the girl he always made fun of non white wedding dresses ? ? but on a lighter note, She probably would have looked a little better if she matched her dress with her head piece. But that is all I did. She said something about I was pouring my heart out no.... LOL... I did catch up with him some because we hadn't talked in years.... When he sent a friend request I was going through all that BS with Aida and Jonathan... and Daniel had just got outta prison. And I was beyond frustrated with him. So I'll admit I probably vented my aggravation. I didn't look at it as pouring my heart out!!!

? We talked in the mornings ... Then he kept saying shit like "Well I'm going back to the house. We'll talk tomorrow" and I got the impression from that comment that he didn't want to talk to me when he was home around his girl. I wasn't with that BS!!! To me, at that point why are you going to hide a friend??? So I blocked him. But when I had all those problems with my Facebook messenger and it was blocking everybody and all that nonsense. I ended up unlocking everybody just so I could be able to unlock the people that I wanted to. That's how he became unblocked.

She talking about winning.... Umm wait a damn minute!! I did not know that we were in a competition ⁉️ ⁉️ but now that she brings it up... Let's talk about it ❣️ (Here again she shows her special kinda stupid) I'm definitely winning just by looking at the pictures from her wedding ? it's OBVIOUS ...My sweetheart takes better care of me then hers seems to take care of her!!! Both emotionally and financially!!! Financially... I don't want for NOTHING!!! I am a spoiled princess. Emotionally...He's my best friend. He has been there through thick and thin and never once turned his back on me. He is faithful. When he goes out of town for work or goes out for the evening I don't ever have to worry about him fucking another bitch... LOL You however, were the side chick when y'all first got together. He had a girlfriend... & again I've known this man 30+ years if you think he will be a ? faithful to you then you lying to you!! PROMISE... LMAO ? ... You don't have to believe me you can ask his ex-girlfriend... You weren't the first chick he cheated on her with ... Actually there were quite a few. # FACTS # TRUTH ... Crack Head ... She's mistaken. I was a pill head. For a while. I don't ever deny it... But I could put my hand on a Bible and swear that I have never ever smoked crack, snorted powder or none of that.... When she blocked me yesterday I was like really??? I love to play games, but I don't play fair. That is ultimately the reason she brought her non-important ass to my Facebook to start with... LMAO ?