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Positive effects of demonitisation:
1) Banks are aflushed with funds. Banks in India have big funds. All this is low cost fund for these banks. It's effect is lower interest rates and cheaper loans.
This low interest loan is attractive for consumers. It is equally attractive for industry.
2) India was said to have a parallel economy. This parallel economy has received a jolt due to demonitisation. So the cash that was lying in the coffers has reached banks.This money is now u ... tilised for formal development.
3) Tax collections esp income tax collections are improving. India is poised for higher growth with a widened tax base.
4) Mutual fund sector has received a big boost due to inflow of money.This has helped stock markets to mature at a much faster pace than ever. Retail investors are keen to participate in Indian growth story by way of investing in equity markets. Foreign investors are selling equities but with little effect on mother of the bride dresses tea length
Equity markets.
6) GDP is poised to go northwards as the formal sector is getting strengthened.It may take some months to come back on track.
Benefits shall far exceed the cost.

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