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mini wedding dresses

Throughout d nite Dapo wad thinking his head,he remember hw he met Sandra his encounter with her nd hw d encounter later lead to d feeling he had towards her,his days with her nd hw he eventually get married to her,bt who will believe his day old marriage is already in crisis,amidst his thought Sandra tap him
Sandra:ur dad just called he said he want u at d office
Dapo:bt tell me why did u drag me to dis
Sandra:i told mom wants me to get married by force
Dapo:bt why wont u give ur heart to a man
Sandra:i told u i hate men,moreover i dont want to b rule by anybody
Dapo:accepted bt at least am ur husband let me feel u
Sandra:i got no time for u dis morning good day
Sandra leave d room,nd Dapo go to d bathroom,he freshen up nd get ready for office,when come down he was startled,d whole house is a mess,nd no breakfast us made,he also see a note on d table "sleepyhead am already at d street,will b back at nite do remain supper for me SANDRA".
nxt Dapo knw his body bcum hot,he begin to ave headache nd for 5mins many tins is running un his head,at d end he put d house in order,prepare breakfast,he eat nd go to work. At d office his father hand over d whole company to him,as his wedding gift,Dapo was hapi BT inward it was sometin else,his father go to his home and Dapo begin his work,he look to d file and every other tin,at d evening he head home,nd again met Sandra absence,he prepare his supper nd eat his own,he did all other tins nd he sit to watch t.v till 9:00,he even slept nd it was Sandra yelk dat wake him,he open d door nd Sandra come in dress as a biker,Dapo made to kiss her bt she dodge him mini wedding dresses
Dapo:so i cant touch u at all
Sandra:yea,nd if u keep going like dis i will leave
Dapo:okay sori,where ave u been
Sandra:out in d street,did u left me some food am famished
Dapo:check d kitchen,am off to bed
Dapo go to d room to sleep,he expect Sandra to come in to no sucess,he sleep off on his own. Bt middle of d nite Dapo wake up,he was hearing noise like pple in party,he come down and find out it was Sandra,she had empty d mini bar in d house,d table is full of wine bottle,anoda bottle is also at Sandra hand and she was dancing to Alicia Keys music,as she was dancing she was also yelling on top of her voice like she is in a party,Dapo look at her nd sit at d stairs with a red nd tearful eyes,he get angry nd charge at her BT Sandra was just in a party mood she was dead drunk

What do you think will happen next???