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maxi floor-length prom formal selections

Albert County Exhibition Queen Pageant 2017 - Tag someone who should enter!
The 2017 Albert County Queen Pageant will be held Thursday, September 14th.

Contestants must be residents of Albert County and enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11 or 12.
A panel of four judges will interview the contestants. The contestants will be judged on their involvement with the exhibition, poise, personality, communication skills, and community volunteer work. The clothing style for the contestants again this year is "Classy Country" which requires contestants to wear a dress or a skirt with blouse or sweater. Accessories may be a jacket, vest, cape, scarf, hat, gloves. Skirts or dresses can be knee length or longer. No mini skirts. No prom dresses. Footwear should be boots or comfortable shoes, as contestants will be walking in the arena ring during the ceremony on Thursday evening. maxi floor-length prom formal selections
The pageant interviews and activities for the contestants will begin at 1:30 pm on Thursday, Sept. 14th at the Riverside-Albert Recreational Centre.

The Crowning Ceremony will take place at the fair grounds at 8:15 pm, Thursday, Sept. 14, following the Official Opening of the 2017 ACE.

The 2017 ACE Queen Pageant is limited to 12 contestants, so enter now!
Contact the pageant co-ordinator, Dawne McLean, 734-3105
Email: [email protected]