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For you's that haven't heard. My wife Kelly was in a very bad farming accident Thursday. She was riding on the tongue of our tractor that I was towing a hay wagon with. When it started pouring rain, she slipped from the tongue and I didn't see her until she halliard stop, but it was to late I looked back and she was going under the axle of the hay wagon. She was taking to Canton Potsdam Hospital by Ambulance and later flown to University Hospital in Syracuse. She's in the Surgical ICU, Where she had MRI, CT-scans, and X-rays done. She has a separated sternum, broken ribs, punctured lung, and her neck was forced down to her chest when she was rolled under the axle causing her neck to get bent to the extent to it pulled all her muscles and vertebras to hyper extend. And her T12 vertebrae compressed compound fracture and ruptured and her L1 is fractured. she has lots of bruising and scrapes through out her body. She is going to have surgery on her back Monday afternoon. They are putting rods and screws to fuse the T10-T11-T12-L1-L2-L3 all together. They said her sternum along with the ribs and lungs will heal on their own in 6-8 weeks. She has. Even fitted for a body cast and neck brace that she has to wear for 8-12 weeks. I can't express myself enough on how bad I feel about this. It's killing me to just write this, but I just wanted to let everyone know it's not life threatening but she has a long road ahead of her. Me, Nichole or John Wright or Paul and Dee Countryman will try to keep you updated on her condition. We need lots of hope and prayers for Kelly. Thank You all Mike . items to wear in the bech of the wedding that is affordable