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items that suitable for women over 40 to wear of the formal occasions


1. Kojic Papaya Soap - Triple whitening power of Kojic Acid, Papaya and Glutathione
2. Premium Soap - Moisturizing soap made of argan oil, aloe vera and collagen
3. Facial cleanser - toner which helps cleanse and balance skin's pH level
4. Underarm Cream - Helps lighten dark underarms and reduce the appearance of chicken skin
5. O2 Bubble Cleanser - Oxygen Facial-in-a-Bottle
6. Eye Gel - Helps minimize and reduce puffy eye bags and dark circles
7. CC Cushion - Color corrector formula that helps create a dewy, flawless finish (SPF50)
8. Body Cream - Helps lighten skin particularly dark areas and stretch marks, leaves skin moisturized (SPF20)
9. Cloud Cream - Helps even out skin tone by lightening dark spots. Moisturizes, protects and can serve as makeup primer. (SPF20)
10. Lip Cream - Helps lighten dark lips and restore the natural youthful pinkish color
11. Body Gel - Helps target non-essential fats. Visible and measurable results within a few minutes.
12. Gold Mask - Luxurious treat for your skin. Made of 24k gold dust and diamonds, this helps make your skin younger, smoother, more toned and lifted.
13. Green Juice - A healthy drink that helps provide the necessary nutrients while detoxifying your body and promoting healthy weightloss
14. Coffee Mix - Helps promote weightloss through powerful ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia and Verba Mate
15. L-Glutathione with Caralluma Fimbriata and L-Carnitine - Helps whiten skin, detoxify your system while curbing your appetite and promoting weightloss. items that suitable for women over 40 to wear of the formal occasions
16. L-Glutathione with Collagen and Vit.E - Helps whiten skin while providing a youthful elasticity and glow.
17. CoQ10 - Promotes healthy blood circulation.
18. MemoGro - Memory and growth enhancer for kids

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