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items for bridesmaid that not expensive

I'm going to write an article one day called "How Pinterest Changed the World." Examples:

1.) The Gender Reveal- When I was born, the gender reveal was in the delivery room, and it happened when the doctor said "Oh. Welp. It's a girl." When I was pregnant, it happened when the ultrasound technician said "Welp. It's a girl." And then, you told people when they asked. Now, the gender reveal is a party by the pool, with 36 of your closest friends, for which you spend $400 on adorable hand-crafted cupcakes. At some point near the end, a hired plane crop-dusts the festivities with one million pink (cotton candy, NOT fuschia - fuschia is tawdry) or blue (sky, not cobalt) imported dyed snowy-owl feathers. Then, you start planning the Name Reveal. items for bridesmaid that not expensive
2.) Will You Be My Bridesmaid? - When I got married, I sent my gals a text that said "Bridesmaid? You get to pick your dress but you have to go to North Dakota." These days, you are apparently required to hire a confectioner, throw a tea party, and serve them all hand-piped cookies in your wedding colors (ask them with icing! is the new motto,) and then your professional photographer will take 419 misty-filtered photos of all of them holding up cookies and hugging you. Everyone had their makeup professionally done for the occasion, so might as well.
3.) The Smash Cake- First birthday parties used to go like this. "What? Why? He won't remember it... Ok, fine, get him a cupcake if you want, but YOU'RE bathing him afterward." Now, you buy a $250 custom cake with "MARSHALL'S FIRST TRIP AROUND THE SUN" in glittered fondant, throw an enormous party with an astronomical theme and spend three weeks planning hand-painted planet decorations and little bags of science toys. Then, poor little Marshall has to sit there topless, in front of a moon cake, while a movie is made of him rubbing gray frosting into his eye sockets. Then, the petting zoo.
4.) Holiday Cards - formerly available in a box of 48 for $6.99 at Walgreens. Now, 17 trips to Hobby Lobby are required, as you must hand-cut snowflakes and knit tiny scarves to glue onto tiny glittery snowmen. Do not- and this is critical- do NOT forget the two most important things. First, a calligraphy course, and second, a "stuffer." This is a tiny bit of something extremely messy designed to explode all over the unwitting victim of your holiday cheer. Last year, I received glitter, pine needles, and mitten confetti, among other things. They must cost at least $2.50 to mail and cannot be rectangular.

I won't belabor the point, but next time you're soaking your feet in Listerine while cutting out paper shapes for your home-made snow-globe party favors, you'll remember me.