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A picture of my brother KENNETH LA SCALIA
(on left), who betrayed his own mother by continuing to insist his last name and family surname is LASCALIA ( no space) even though it's the basis of the FRAUD being be carried out against his own family.

Our family's surname is actually written correctly as LA SCALIA not LASCALIA ....and even though Kenneth has knowledge that his official Certificate of Birth reads and lists and spells his proper , precise , and exact legal name as KENNETH LA SCALIA, he continues to exhibit
CRIMINAL BEHAVIORS that AIDS and ABETS his family's adversaries, and causes harm against his own family .

His illicit and untruthful behavior Continues to be most DIFFICULT to understand .

The fact that he got married in one state in one name( in NEW YORK) and divorced in another state ( NJ) in another name, is proof positive that he is cognizant of the FALSIFICATION & PERJURY & INJURY & FRAUD being brought against his own family .

This is especially true due to the fact that he continues to refuse, after the fact that he has acknowledge of the confusion in his name, the FORGERY and FALSIFICATION and it's role in aiding and abetting his family's adversaries . . . that he takes no corrective action and has failed to NOTIFY the SUPERIOR VOURYS IN MIDDLSEX COUNTY , NJ and instead has jumped state lines for a third time and taken application for a new drives license in Pennsylvania ...the state in which our father was born . dresses for weddings

The Intelligence department is working overtime to re- strategize KENNETH'S escape after the evidence continues to mount that indicates he is at minimum OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE and at worse a very big part of an EXTORTION SCHEME against his own family.

His behaviors mimic the behaviors of a very famous family member in the Godfather and that is what has earned him the nickname FREDO.

Additionally, he believes, and continues to insist, that the fact that he has had a lifelong gambling problem has no bearing on anything, but a CIA trainer in the field of CRIMINALITY believes it is the first question that is needed to be asked about a person that acts in a manner as KENNETH has because it establishes( like a drug addict) a motive for the criminal behavior.

It is possible , as a recent expert explained it that KENNETH has GREEN WORMS ON THE BRAIN, a reference to a person that displays sociopathic behaviors.

Only time will tell if he comes clean and starts DISPLAYING LOVE instead of only SAYING LOVE toward his family .