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detachable wedding dresses

Culture is a way of life of people in a particular geographical area.This includes dancing,food,dressing etc.The western culture of dressing is shirt and trousers and jackets. They use this for their wedding. In Africa, we have different traditional dresses for our wedding such as wrapper and top,Agbada and Danshiki, In Igbo land,we have the lion head and red cap.These should be our traditional dressing for mariage .It is disturbing that we Africans will conduct wedding in our traditional way putting on our traditional attire,and still see our wedding as not complete untill we go in the western culture way of dressing. We call this white wedding. I want to ask if the white will ever do black wedding. Our Mumu don do.if you don't do white white wedding you are not heaven bound.Or your wedding is not blessed. We should be proud of our culture.We adopt western dressing in our offices, churches. Some churches will never take you as worker in the church except you have shirt ,trouser and jackets. What is wrong with our own.I remember when my pastor embarrassed me for not wearing suit to church as a worker.What a nonsense. It is high time we have a rethink and appreciate our own and stop seeing our own as abomination.Good morning. detachable wedding dresses