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corset wedding dress

If Jesus was to attend a wedding today like He
did at Cana, He would turn water Into wine at
the engagement party in Sheraton Hotel, follow
the couple to their village to turn water into wine corset wedding dress
at their traditional marriage, come back to Lagos
and turn water into wine at their court marriage,
then buy a flight ticket to go and turn water into
wine at their white wedding in Dubai. What is
hurting me the most is how He would also need
to buy expensive suits and agbada for all the
different wine changing occasions He would be
attending. misplaced priorities!
Dear Lord,
May we not make the fairytale weddings of other
people our own reality. Teach us how to put
Godly principles before trend and culture. Teach
us how to decorate our marriages as much as
we plan to decorate our weddings. Help us to
focus more on changing our character before
marriage than how we will change into four
wedding dresses at our reception. Show us how
to surround ourselves with war friends before
surrounding ourselves with bridesmaids. Guide us
to make our bodies the temple of the Holy Spirit
before making hotel reservations for our
Lord I wish your children can see what You were
trying to teach us at the wedding at Cana in
John chapter 2 verse number 1. I wish we can
see the message behind the miracle of turning
water into wine. A wedding that had You, your
beloved mother, your brothers and your disciples
as special guests was not a small ceremony.
That wedding must have been the talk of the
town, more like another version of # Baad2017 . I
can only imagine the decorations and all the
preparations that must have gone into hosting a
wedding that had the Lamb of God and His
entourage in attendance. The couple must have
contracted the best food and wine companies in
town to make sure that they never run out of
refreshments. Oh how they must have bought
expensive bottles of champagne to satisfy and
impress their guests. But even with all they did,
it was still not enough. What if you were not
there when they ran out of wine at the wedding?
Father who would have covered their shame and
embarrassment? All the wedding planners they
hired could do nothing, until you stepped into the
gap and covered for them, just like you always
do. You turned water into wine to teach us that
we need you in our marriage before anything and
anyone else. You turned water into wine to show
us that no matter how much we plan to get
ready, we are only planning to fail if we don't
have you working with us and in us.
Oh the manner in which you did it was the most
amazing, turning water into wine by using
common waterpots used by the Jews for ritual
cleansing, ordinary waterpots that didn't matter!
That was to teach us that we don't need to have
all the money in the world to host a marriage, we
don't need the tallest wedding cake or the most
expensive wine for a toast, as long as we have
you we have everything, all the success we will
ever need. Teach us Lord, teach us to focus our
priorities in YOU. Amen.