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I most certainly cannot take credit for all of this, but as of right now, between us Wendi and I have 8 kids (adults actually) Arielle just signed up for school. That means 100% of a large family has been in higher education. Not everyone followed the path they thought they would but I am temporarily left a bit breathless at the courage and tenacity of our family. Allow a Dad/Step-Dad/Dad in-law, to brag for just a moment.

Naomi Leah went to Red Cross, for her CNA training, and is now a valuable care giver at an ALF a few blocks from the house. She's been self sustaining ever since in a cute little apartment a few miles away.

Madeline Nelson-Folkersen - after trying the Navy, then moving to Brooklyn, Madeline found education in programming languages, and today works for the family business StudioHOF doing web development.

Koda Micah Nelson-folkersen - studied to become a CNA, at Red Cross. Koda chose another path, in retail, and has also picked up an insurance license along the way. We can all choose alternate paths, that does not diminish the effort that was put into higher education. Kodah works darn hard with horrendous hours, and can proudly say, he stands on his own.

Seth Aaron Nelson - went to school for a Marine Mechanic - he chose to become a flooring installer and run his own business instead, following in the path of his father in law.
Thank you so much Jimmy & Donna ( Donna Stewart ) for all the education training and simple know how you have passed down to our mutual son. It turns out, not followoing the path to a Marine Mechanic was a good choice. Today he's married (see Krystal Nelson-Folkersen below) and doing an amazing job running his business.

Arielle Nelson-Folkersen - took a year or two off to establish herself as an individual, and has gained huge personal strength in the process. Some people say, they are taking a break year, and do nothing... not Arielle! She is nearly unrecognizable as an individual in her hard fought for personal strength. Now she's off to SPC to earn her Associates Degree (at least to start) while keeping up a full time job in Retail.

Jacquie Leclerc - went to school for CNA and a several other certifications, and has managed a full time job where she is in incredibly high demand, all while being a (great) single mother (grandchild #1), and owns her own home. Here's another gal that is simply unrecognizable in who she has become as a person in the years that have passed under the keel.

Jenny Leclerc - has more education than any of the sibs. A Bacelor of Science Degree and is an RN in Victoria Canada. After a year of staying home to be a mom, (grandchild #2 for Wendi and I) she's about to re-enter the workforce in a hospital in Victoria.

Krystal Nelson-Folkersen Went to school for cosmetology, and has quickly become THE "go to" person for fantastic hair coloring in Brandon. Watching her Facebook with all the amazing things she does with hair leaves me more than a bit awe inspired.

To be honest - with as large a family as we have, I didn't think anyone was going to make it to higher education. I was OK with that, between the debt, and the quality of a lot of the education, higher education is simply not what it used to be. But, here we are, everyone stretching their ability, everyone growing. All of the kids have done this mostly ON THEIR OWN. We have helped here and there, as have Grandma and Grandpa, ( champagne color cocktail party collections R Evyonne Folkersen Henry Folkersen ) and of course, Jimmy and Donna Stewart have been huge for Seth and Krystal, but for the most part - they got where they are now through pure GRIT.

I am so very proud of our kids, whether we deserve to be or not. 8 for 8 having gone through higher education, self supporting, and making their way through life.

Wendi Folkersen and I are so blessed for you all.