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Ok mommas let's be honest for a minute... How many of us followed all the "rules" when it comes to what you can and can't have while pregnant? It's said you can't eat lunch meat, hotdogs, eggnog, fish and so on and so forth... My obgyn told me that listeria can be found in milk, water and the lunch meats BUT lunch meats are supposed to be cooked to a high enough temp to kill the listeria before it's packaged. So I don't have to reheat it a second time. So I have been eating m ... y cold deli meats. Eggnog is what I'm struggling with.... I love eggnog. I have a carton in the fridge but I haven't drank it yet. My doctor even told me Because the prenatals are making me sick I can take 6 weeks off of them to let the nausea pass. Because it's best to take them on a full stomach but right now I'm having issues eating. Food is soooooo unappealing. I'll even make my favorite food and as soon as I go to eat it I can't. Instead I'm just doing alot of light snacking. bridesmaid wear with hot pink color

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