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It was the beginning of October. A beautiful
month. It was also he month of my birthday,
but I never really celebrated it. The 31st of
this month I'd turn eight-teen years old. I
don't want to be an adult...
Aakifah was out to her class and I was at
home, bored. I didn't know what to do, and I
didn't feel like working either. I guess I could
go for a walk. The area around where we lived
was pretty sweet. We had a children's
playground right across the street with an
ice-cream place. My mouth was watering
already. At the corner of my eyes, I saw
Aakifah walking towards me with no rush. I
smiled and started walking over to her too.
"How was it?" I asked.
She shook her head. "It was the worst thing
on earth. Do they actually call that an MSA? It
looked like people were picking marriage
candidates right then and there." She
replied. Today was the day, Aakifah joined the
university's MSA. Of course, I was supposed
to go too but I had no class today.
"Did you choose out a husband for yourself?"
I asked, jokingly. She raised her eyebrows.
"Oh, that reminds me..." She stopped when
we heard a car honking at us. We were
basically near the park. It's not like we were
on the road or anything. What the hell?
Aakifah ignored the continuous honking and
finished off what she was saying, "I saw
Sheath today." I looked up at her and my
heart was already beating out of my chest.
"Did he... recognize you?" I asked, slowly and
"Don't you think he should have?" Aakifah
asked me jokingly.
"No, seriously. You guys met?" I asked.
"Obviously not... Why?" She asked, "Did you
want to keep it a surprise?"
"Where did you see him?" I asked.
I walked into the restaurant where I was
supposed to meet up with Ruhi and Aakifah
who went out shopping today. Ruhi didn't
wear a hijab but she acted like a proper
Muslim. She told us she's wear it when she
got married which was already decided. Her
wedding would be next month. My family
would be coming too.
Ruhi came in five minutes late and Aakifah
came in right after. I smiled when they came
in because Ruhi was holding a bag of chips
and snacks. We were going to go to the
movies right after. They sat down right in
front of me.
"Assalamu Alaykum Samaar!" Ruhi said as
she pulled at my cheeks. I scowled at her,
greeting her back. Aakifah was looking
around the restaurant. Then she turned to
"Did you find him?" She asked. My eyes shot
wide open. The place where she saw Sheath
was here?
I didn'turn around, and nor did I look
anywhere except the door. Should I leave?
Yesterday when I pestered Aakifah to tell me
where she found Sheath, she said I'd find out
soon. Who knew it was this soon?
"Sit down properly and don't even think of
leaving." Aakifah said in a stern voice. It was
no wonder she told me to dress up. She
ended up dressing up because I told her I
wouldn't dress up if she didn't. Ruhi was
wearing a nice black maxi dress with a red
I paused, "Aakifah... how am I supposed to
act?" I asked. She laughed.
"I don't know. Flirt with him or something.
Just don't do indecent things in front of us."
She said, calling for the waiter. "Can you
please get us Sheath?" The waiter gave a
confused look and left. When someone
walked up behind me, Ruhi smiled wide. I
just looked down.
"You must be Sheath!" She said, pinching
my fingers. I didn't look up. I don't want to...
I could feel him smiling behind my back.
Something about him was different... even
though I didn't see him at all.
"Yeah. Your wife told me all about you." Ruhi
said, grinning at me. At this point I was
drinking water. I started choking. When I
finished coughing my head off, I spoke in a
harsh voice.
"I did?" I said in an unbelievable voice. Ruhi
nodded her head innocently. When she said
'wife' my head began to feel dizzy. I still don't
really feel like I'm married.
"When do you get off at work?" Ruhi asked.
Ruhi, you idiot! Don't!
"I guess I'll be working late till nine." He said, blush bridesmaid dresses long
"Spend ten minutes with your wife. She's
been depressed these days." At this point I
didn't really care about the plans they were
making right in front of me.
"Don't push it Ruhi. I don' remember being
depressed at all. He doesn't have all the time
in the world. He might be busy today." I said,
chewing my straw intensely. "Can we order
now?" I asked.
"Actually... I was wondering if I could spend a
full hour with her at least." Sheath said. I
wasn't really expecting anything in the first
place. And I wasn't in the mood to do
anything. Wait... What did he just say?
"Oh, don't worry. She's free." Ruhi said
looking at Sheath. I put my hands over my
face, being careful of my make up. Oh, how I
hate you two. When we left the store after
eating, I felt my face burn red, as I pulled up
a small smile.
"There, i got you a date. Don't you feel
happy?" Ruhi said.
"Now I know the difference between liberal
and conservative." I said. An hour ago, I felt
like doing nothing, but all of a sudden I
wanted to do everything.
"You're right. I do too. You didn't even look at
your husband. I was shocked." Ruhi said. "I
guess, that's what you call innocence."
"You're getting married next. I bet every time
you're going to meet this guy, you're going to
blush and turn away. Don't worry, it'll happen
soon." Aakifah said to Ruhi.
"Then it'll be Aakifah's turn, right Samaar?"
Ruhi laughed and so did I.
After we watched the movie, we went to our
Aunt's house and played video games. Well
Aakifah and me helped our Aunt from time to
time as she cleaned the house. People might
think we help out at others to show off and
be goody two shoes, but we honestly feel
happy that we have family near us. It's all
about manners. Treat your guest like masters
and they'll treat you exactly the same. Or
that's... what I've figured out.
After 8:30pm we left the house, and Ruhi
stopped by with me to Sheath's work place.
When I finally saw him, I saw him wearing
glasses. Since when did he get glasses?
I told Ruhi and Aakifah to stay with me and
they did. They felt terribly bored when they
saw that I had no confidence.
"Haven't you explained it to her?" Ruhi asked
"I did. But she just doesn't get the concept of
being married."
I would have if I knew whether I was married
or not... Is it just a game or what?
Sheath arrived wearing a coat with a muffler.
The restaurant closes at 10pm so Ruhi and
Aakifah said they would stay there while me
and Sheath would go out for a walk.
When we left the store, we didn't talk to each
other at all. Then I finally broke the ice.
"Who was the girl you were talking to at the
counter?" I asked, frowning a little
"My girlfriend. Why? You jealous?" He finally
spoke. I pinned down my interest. Sheath
wouldn't get a girlfriend. He was surprised at
Subhee for getting one.
"Not yet." I said. When the time comes and
you'll rebel, then we'll see if you actually get
"The letter you gave me... was a joke right?"
He asked carefully.
"If I knew how to joke with you, then I would
have been talking my head off to you,
wouldn't I?" I asked. "But... I am serious." I
said. "You got yourself into this mess. I don't
think you'll be able to get out." I smiled.
He finally looked at me but I looked down.
When he didn't say anything. I spoke again.
"If this marriage isn't real, I don't really think
I should be alone with you." My voice was
stuttering a little. I didn't understand how
cold it could get in October. My jacket wasn't
enough for me to feel warm.
"Just assume it is." He said in a calming
voice. That got me a little angry.
"No! You have to tell me if it is or isn't!" The
cold was seeping through my mouth. My
teeth were stuttering. I was looking at him. I
was still looking at the ground.
"It should be." He said even calmer than
before. Again with that uncertainty... He
stopped and turned me to look at him. I
didn't look up at him. He wrapped his muffler
around me. "It's almost winter even though
it's only October. Global warming will change
the whole world..." I still didn't understand,
and I still didn't look up at him. I was
confused. I was calming down, but my anger
"Fine. I'll assumed we're married and I'll
whatever I can for us to have mutual feelings.
Is that okay with you?" I asked, glaring at
him. He smiled.
"Fine with me, but you'll have to do a lot
more than glare at me all the time." He said,
as he smiled looking at an ice-cream shop.
"For now, let's get ice-cream."