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"The Church of North India as a United and Uniting together is committed to announce the Good News of the reign of God inaugurated through death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in proclamation and to demonstrate in actions to restore the integrity of God's creation through continuous... Read more

Mother of the Bride Dresses 2020

6 years goes faster than you think. I was 15 with a wild heart, and a crazy plan. I was loud and proud, and did every "I dare you" my friends could think of. He was quiet, calm, mature and only 17. I wasn't into relationships, I was more about having fun and being with my girls. But he was motivated and dedicated, he knew he wanted me to be his girl. We met in October, we started "talking" in December, we dated in April, we loved in June. But between December and January, he ... Mother of the Bride Dresses 2020

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