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Life is far too short.
When things are plodding along you don't really think about it. You get married and before long your kids have left home and you soon become a grandparent. Where did all the years go? There is no point pondering about the things that could have been, what we have is the now. Grasp it and do and be the best in what you have. Love life to the fullest. We had all the best plans and intentions to enjoy our best years. Long Sleeve Prom Dresses 2020

Its been over eight years that dementi ... a and cancer has weaved their hideous web of destruction through Alex's frail body. Being mis diagnosed twice in Melbourne it wasn't until we made Mallacoota our home, this sinister plot was revealed. Mallacoota was to be the dream, after completing the hard yards of life and planning what would be our best years, along comes cancer and pulls the rug out and just to make sure things even worse throw in dementia.

Watching someone who had a love of life, people and a very strong faith, slip away is so cruel. For someone who prides themselves on their appearance and dignity, to lose the simple things that are taken for granted makes you realise not just how precious but also how short life really is.

By the time you realise its too late, to late to do that special holiday, to build the dream house or now even enjoy a wine in front of the fire as you talk the night away is now a distant memory. Any future plan is no longer relevant.

For those who are lucky enough not to have lost the opportunity, take the holiday, visit or call that friend, quit that crap job, eat chocolate for dinner, tell that person just how much you care. Love and live life to the fullest, do whatever your heart desires and love with your whole heart because regrets dont cut it.

Alex has had big operation as well as 2 chemo cycles of 6 sessions in each cycle. She has also had a few seizures and 2 minor strokes. She has coped amazingly well. The dementia masks how bad things are from her as she tries to normalize life. Unfortunately its difficult now to have a conversation and the future is uncertain. But in the meantime l pray that she has no pain and doesn't lose her dignity.

Alex completed her 2nd chemo cycle on the 15th of August. After the 1st chemo cycle was completed the cancer grew back very agresively. Now its upto God. Having a strong faith allows a win win situation. Alex will either get totally healed and enjoy the best years with her amazing husband or she doesn't and goes to spend eternity with Jesus. I don't mind being the back up plan for Jesus.

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