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JuneBridals what garment to buy for that won't cost much in white color

Hello. My name is Suzanne Schaffer and I was so sick and tired of being "sick and tired" so I decided to start my "Plexus Journey" 2 years ago.
Before Plexus I had:
1.) Severe weight problems (weighing 399 pounds).
2.) High Blood pressure ( 190/90. On three medications).
3.) High Lipid Levels ...
4.) Severe Lymphedema and Edema
5.) Using a C Pack Machine every night to breathe and sleep better.
6.) Using an inhaler to breathe better.
7.) Pre-Diabetic on medication
8.) Having a hard time getting up and down on chairs.
9.) Always falling down and losing my balance when walking.
10.) Drinking Dr. Peppers three to five times a day.
11.) Getting up in the middle of the night and going to the refrigerator to eat sweets.
12.) Eating several "BIG BAGS of CHIPS and a FULL CARTON of DIP".
13.) High Cholesterol (On medication)
14.) Every other month going to the doctor for Upper Respiratory, Pneumonia, Strep
Throat, and UTI infections.
15.) Always taking antibiotics every month.
I am really happy, healthier, and so much energy now. I even sleep through the nights and wake up refreshed.
I have lost 139 pounds all together now and I can do so many things that I could not do before.
Why not join me in your "New Health Journey"? Get rid of the old life. You will feel so much better like I do.
Take a look at my two pictures I posted. The one on top is my old life and how I looked but the one under it is my new life and how I look now. Yes. I love it. JuneBridals what garment to buy for that won't cost much in white color
Just comment below and say "I am in". I will get you started.

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