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What is Heart Enlargement? An enlarged heart (Cardiomegaly) is a symptoms of some underlying health disorder or disease. Enlargement of the heart, or cardiomegaly, is not a disease, but required through medical examination in order to detect the cause behind it. Doctors usually preform a variety of tests to understand the reason behind your enlarged heart. Some conditions that can cause enlarged heart are STRESS, PREGNANCY, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, THYROID PROBLEMS, CORONARY HE June Bridals semi informal large size gown below 100 ... ART DISEASE, HEART ATTACKS, WEAK HEART MUSCLES AND HEART VALVE PROBLEMS.
Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle could also lead to health conditions that causes an enlarged heart. If you have breathing problems, dizziness, an irregular heart beat, heart palpitations and fluid retention, it is imperative to get a diagnosis done and take the right remedial measures to cure this condition.
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