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June Bridals items with detachable pieces to wear of the wedding

Wednesday, September 20th
Paige slept soundly through the night without the Benadryl and did not have any additional allergies this morning. We are going without it again tonight. She woke up about 11:30 today so the nurse aid and I could wash her hair and reapply lotion since her bath was on Sunday. She was awake the entire time, asked me to massage her head like the hair place does so of course I did it happily. After we got her all done she was ready for some lunch. She wa June Bridals items with detachable pieces to wear of the wedding ... s up about an hour and fifteen minutes and then Was back to sleep. 5:00 she was awake about 15 minutes only for meds and then 8:30 tonight she was awake about 30 minutes for some dinner. She let me read a book to her, thank you Tricia Parmley DeJonge for that! She's off to bed. We are starting our next taper down on Ativan today, God willing it goes well and hopefully we can stay off the Benadryl too and just keep up with nose spray and Claritin and mucinex as needed.
Progress, baby steps but always keeping one eye over looking over the shoulder waiting for the tumor to rear its ugly head. I hate you more today than yesterday DIPG! Get out of our lives, remove yourself from our family- you were not invited to be a part of it and you have overstayed your time.
Have a good evening everyone.
Love PB&J

PS- enjoy- this is her with her nice clean hair!

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