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there are so many important things to think about out there, and when you look at it all and think about the time that we are here, personally I think it comes down to what you feel out of life. what your remember when you look back one last time. for me my memories include all the wonderful people I have crossed paths with. there are a special few but I consider myself lucky.

Above is a photo of Buster. I was working in a small building in a residential neighborhood that backed up to the woods and the bottom of lookout mountain. I looked out the back window and saw a little black and white dog and for some reason even though I have seen stray dogs all my life I knew I had to have this one. and I swear to god, I walked over to him, petted him and gave some water. it was about 10am. I put the water dish on the back deck and told him that he would wait for me until the end of the day that I would take him home. after that he lay down and went to sleep. the man I worked for, john wise unknowing my intentions opened his door and tried to shew him away kicking at him with his foot. Rick don't give that dog water, hell! we'll never get rid of him. john, i'm gonna take him home if he stays til works over. john goes ok and we leave it at that. June Bridals flowy prom collections of chiffon

now I am trying to figure out how in the heck am I gonna get susan to let me have this little guy b/c about a week before I had put my foot down over "NO MORE DOGS!!!!!!!! 4 is enough!" I called saying I had found one and was worried it was going to get killed in the traffic. we had a pretty busy street in front of the little office. She says without hesitation "I'll be right there!" Buster had never been in a car and did not know what glass was at least car glass. She said he bounced off every window in the car trying to jump out.

I've had dogs all of my life, but Buster is like a son to me. I know he can see right thru me. i'll look over at him and he will come out of his sleep a look over at me and I know he's thinking about what was on my mind.

The last day we were in NC Buster threw up a few times and had diarrhea really bad. that was Sunday about 4:00am. Buster dos not have accidents in the housel. He'll do everything but die trying not to pee or poop in the house. he has had the same problem since sunday.

The diarrhea and throwing up has still been going on. This morning during the night he had the runs in the Susan's office in about 5 spots. he also had diarrhea at the back door and threw up on the back porch when he got outside. he pushed open susans back door somehow as its always shut to see if she was in there. he always wants his mommy when he feels bad.

That day at the little office was between 14 and 15 years ago. Buster and I have been together longer than I have ever been with a dog before. Susan will understand this. In many ways there is nothing more important to me than Buster. I cannot love Buster the way I love Susan or my other son Tai but its something very powerful.

We talk about this all the time in that it takes very very little to make our guys happy. ride in the car, their afternoon walk, chew toys, treat time at night. Buster knows when 5pm comes b/c that is when he walks. buster and baby girl know hen it is 8:30pm b/c they know that's when they get their treats. Buster knows what the word LOWES means as that is one of his favorite places in the world to visit. He thinks he's the only dog that's is supposed to be in there. he knows what Chester Frost and The Farm means as these are his two favorite parks to walk in. They all know exactly where the turns are in their neighborhood walks are and will not turn around til we hit those places.

Buster is at the Vet getting tests run on him. If you have a chance for a quick little prayer susan, Buster and I would appreciate it. At night we walk up the stairs and get in bed. buster puts his head on my pillow and my head is against the back of his with an arm wrapped around him. Last night, night before last, I had to carry him up the stairs b/c he didn't want to do it. He could have, just didn't want it. Then as he always does, he gives me maybe 30 minutes and then gets up and jumps out of bed. Normally its b/c I start snoring.

So here we are. nobody ever had a better friend than my time with Buster. Sure susan is my best friend and tai is my two legged son. But if you've had a dog you probably know how special they can be. A lot of it is b/c they love you unconditionally and they are so innocent.

thanks for letting me share this. nothing else to do but wait.