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Grecian style flowy wedding wear of chiffon

Throwing my two cents on the NFL and the players taking a knee during the anthem. Long before players started doing so I viewed the NFL and every other major sports league as a sign of part of what is wrong with this potentially great nation. We have athletes, good & bad characters, getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to be good at running fast and playing with balls. Meanwhile our ranks internationally in public education are on a steady decline and nothing to be proud ... of. Billions of dollars go to this fruitless industry while hundreds of thousands of Americans undeservingly suffer in poverty. Most importantly look at how pitifully expensive our healthcare system has become making truly good healthcare unattainable to millions(and long before Obamacare). Etc etc. The problem started long before a bunch of meat heads took a knee during the anthem to protest an internally biased and over reaching police force. It starts with a society who are greedy & superficial enough to empower a bunch of meat heads with billions of dollars for something as fruitless as sports. Because it distracts them from truly important issues that might be worrisome and calls them off the sideline to play themselves. I've played just about every sport on a team at some point and can truly enjoy a good game, but have always despised these overpaid leagues. Not because I'm jealous of their skills or money but rather embarrassed by this American/human ignorance to which a big portion of our money goes. With that being said, fuck the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, etc, etc it's all a mindless bullshit money racket and a distraction from what's truly important. Which is ironically part of why these players are taking knees during such a cherished song. Honestly, seeing as how sports aren't really doing anything truly fruitful for this country I could care less if they even played the national anthem at local(all American) sports games considering it's a mind fuck tricking us into believing it's actually something patriotic they are doing. Unless it's the Olympic Games sporting events have jack shit to do with patriotism, especially when next to nothing of those billions of dollars are going towards our infrastructure. I'm glad these players/teams are exercising their rights and pissing people off because it's also waking them up to how much bullshit surrounds these sports industries. Grecian style flowy wedding wear of chiffon # FuckEm

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