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IMPORTANT! SERIOUSLY! I saw something on TV the other day about a new Amazon email scam. I always say, a little common sense goes a long way in these types of situations. Well, I got an Amazon scam email. I took a screenshot of it (with my email blacked out, of course :-) ) to show you how easy it is to spot these things, and how ridiculous it is to NOT see it. If you look in the top left corner, it says its "From: Shipping Status <[email protected]>". That rig ... ht there should be enough to tell you this is NOT from Amazon! First, its not from any Amazon domain. Second, its a long winded ridiculous email address from a completely different name other than amazon. Thirdly, the "From User Name (not the addy) contains some sort of emojis that wont even show up.

Next, Always look at the return address. The return address is the address that will automatically go into the "To:" header, when you click the reply button. The reply address on this, is different than the "From" address. The reply address is "Reply To: Safe Streets Security <[email protected]>". NEVER reply to something that has a different reply address, than the address it was sent from. If you dont have your email setup to show the reply addresses, then I suggest you set it up to do so. Its easy to spoof the main "From" address (make it look like it actually came from Amazon) but they cant spoof the reply address. They are sending you an email from one email address and trying to get you to reply to a different address. Also, this User Name for this reply address has the stupid emojis also. Black Wedding Dresses 2020

Also, you can hover your mouse button over any link in an email like this, and the email or weblink associated with that link, will popup somewhere. All of the links on this email are BOGUS! So dont even click on the "Unsubscribe" button on these emails, as it will take you to a risky site where they cant get your information.

If you have any doubts, search the email domain, online... that is displayed. In this case, I searched " "... and found NOTHING. If this is a legitimate company, why wouldnt their domain name have information available online?

So.... RUN! Dont click on any links in the email, just mark it as spam/junk, and delete it. Like I said folx, its not rocket science. Looking at the headers of this email and using a little common sense, can prevent a lot of headaches. If this helps even one person, it was worth posting. I a making this post public, in case any of you want to share it, and pass the word. I know that will make for a lot of arrogant idiots making unneeded comments, but oh well. (Y)

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