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1950s prom dress

Nurie is my oldest child and honestly, one of my VERY best friends.

When I was lonely in NYC after David and I first got married and we were helping a couple of churches there, I had Nurie. I would take long walks on the streets of Queens, NYC with Nurie strapped in my stomach pouch. I would talk to her, giggle with her, and LOVED dressing her in cute bows, lace, and pink. I got her ears pierced when she was only 2 months old. 1950s prom dress

She was SO dark as a baby, most people thoug ... ht she was a boy. So, the earrings helped. ;) Nurie has NEVER been rebellious and is one of the MOST obedient and submissive people I have EVER met!

She LOVES God and serves Him with a passion! She always listens intently to her Mama speak of the things of God. I look into her big brown eyes and just think, "What did I do to deserve such an AMAZING daughter?!!!"

So, on our vow renewal, I could think of NO ONE more that I wanted to ask to be my "MAID OF HONOR". Really, the honor was entirely mine!

Now, Nurie has asked ME to be her "MATRON OF HONOR" in her wedding! What an honor and we look forward to that special day! <3 <3

"Nurie, I love you more than words can EVER express!"

With Love, Mama <3 <3

Pictures done by Lori McCrary Schaible at

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